Let’s take your great design, and make it into a great website.

When it comes to making websites, programming and design are two very necessary and separate disciplines. You’ve got a a great design, and I can make it into a great website. Let’s build together!

About Mike

About Mike

MDL-in-a-circleI’ve been making websites since 1997 – Netscape Navigator was the dominant browser, and Google didn’t even exist yet.

Long ago, I started in this business as a designer. The more I work with code, the more I enjoy it. The discovery and constructive nature of coding hooked me in, and now I’m a programmer.

I’ve done this long enough to understand that coding and design are two very different and complimentary disciplines.  A great website needs a great designer and a great developer.

I’m a programmer that respects design. I’m here to support designers. It’s my job to make sure the final product reflects the approved mockups accurately.

One of my strengths is custom development with WordPress. If you have an idea of something you’d like a WordPress site to do, and you can’t find a plugin that fits your requirements, I can either hook into an existing plugin and add the functionality you need, or I can create a new plugin from scratch.


Let’s get started.

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Creating custom themes for WordPress is my bread and butter. If you don’t want to compromise your site’s design or functionality, show me your design and ideas, and we’ll make it sing online.

Cheap and

I’ll work with you to pick out an HTML template, and We will tweak it to make it your own. I’ll set it up in WordPress so you and your client can update and maintain content on an ongoing basis.

All that, and it will be less expensive than you might think.


The website doesn’t look right on a phone. You don’t want to re-invent the wheel, but you need it to work right on all devices.

I only do responsive websites, and I can help you update your web project to look great at any screen size.


I don’t just do WordPress. I have experience authoring mobile, web, and kiosk applications using PHP, MySQL, Angular, Ionic, CodeIgniter, and a host of other technologies.

I’m always eager to try something new, too. If you have an idea, I can make it a reality.

Work We’ve Done


Robert Allan Ltd.
Cupid's Undie Run
WATSON Advisors
Richmond Dog Walking
Roofix Inc.
Mission Hill
Engaging Resources
University of Victoria Institute for Dispute Resolution
Marc Stoiber
Fathom Interactive Inc.
Diageo Golden Bar Awards
Go West RV
Repower Capital
Day4 Energy
Adonia Tea House
NF Canada



Mike Lathrop of Big Mike's Studios is one of the most competent, reliable, calm and knowledgable people I have ever worked with in the audio visual industry. I've worked with Mike for many years and he's never let me, or The Jim Pattison Group down.

Maureen Chant

Admin. Assistant to the Managing Director & C.E.O.


Creating a great website requires a great developer, and Mike is that developer. Whether it’s a basic WordPress site or a complex application tied into other systems, Mike’s expertise is invaluable. Mike has a flair for finding solutions to tricky problems. He’s also a heck of a nice guy to work with.

Matt Politano


Oculus Design + Marketing

Serengeti has used Mike Lathop's programming services on many occasions. He is an outstanding programmer. His technical knowledge is vast. His ability to faithfully render our designs with pixel-perfect accuracy is highly valued. He is 100% reliable in terms of delivering his work on time - no matter how tough the deadline. But most importantly Mike has excellent customer service and communications skills that make him a pleasure to work with. We have seen some of these attributes in other programmers, but never all in one package. This makes Mike a rare and highly valued resource, and we would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.

Tim Gage


I have worked with Mike Lathrop and Big Mike Studios for over 15 years. As well as being dependable and conscientious, Mike has always had the ability to creatively enhance any project that I have trusted him with. Whether it's a web site, an animation, or simply graphic design, I would recommend Mike with full confidence for any project that requires his unique skill set.

Armando Diaz

Production Manager


I was thoroughly impressed with Mike's work on my website design and development. I thought the website project would be cumbersome and time consuming but Mike took the reins and made the project painless through all its stages. The site looks great and I would definitely recommend BigMike Studios any chance I get.

Darren Proulx



I just wanted to reach out with all of the positive feedback we're receiving. The site is cooking! We opened registration today and we've already had 350 people register.

Chad Leathers

Executive Director and Co-founder


Thanks again Mike! Can't tell you how much of a pleasure it is to work with you. Aside from being amazing talented, you have the perfect attitude for this type of work and you really do make the process enjoyable.

Stephen Green

Founder - Producer & Editor


I have worked with Mike Lathrop and Big Mike Studios for over to 10 years in developing multimedia, video, and web content. In my 25 years in the video and multimedia business I have to say that Mike is the most effective, well-rounded, disciplined, creative and talented person I have had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend Mike Lathrop and Big Mike Studios for any graphics, multimedia, video, or web development project. He will bring an element to the table that goes far beyond knowing the tools of the trade. He will help enhance the overall message with a keen editorial sense, excellent judgement, creative flair, and a visually stunning product.

Bruce Hitchen



Successful completion of a website development project requires clear expectations, diligent design, smart implementation and a price deemed fair by both parties. Mike Lathrop has completed three such projects for us, all requiring leading-edge knowledge, a precise understanding of our business and our project objectives, and a disciplined and thorough implementation process. Mike communicates very well, seeking approval at necessary project milestones, and (sorry guys!) is not your "typical developer" who is content to "write code" in absence of a clear understanding of requirements, hoping for a good result. Thank you Mike, your work and your customer service attitude are most appreciated.

Bob Eccleston



When we need help with complex programming, we go to Mike Lathrop. His attention to detail and desire to achieve the best results for our clients make us feel really well taken care of. We've worked with Mike on many projects in the past and will do so for many years to come.

Lisa Bergman



The best part is that Mike was so interested in learning about me and my business first. He truly wanted to create a website that represented who I am and what I do. And, he got it right the first time!

Sidney Courtice



I went to BigMike Studios on a referral from a trusted source and was most satisfied with not only Mike's work but also his suggestions in improving my concept. He was one of the most instrumental techs involved in creating my complex website. I expect a loose but lifetime association with Big Mike as both technology and my website needs evolve and expand.

Al Harvey



Big Mike Studios has been a joy to deal with. Mike is always helpful and prompt with all our request, and his technical and artistic abilities are second to none

Nick Woodhouse



I can give you a long list of things you can do wrong on a Web or multimedia project, but if you want to know one thing to do right: Hire Mike. He'll give you superb dedication and expertise, and finish on time or die trying. I've done many projects with him over the past five years, and will definitely continue to do so until he finally becomes too successful to have to put up with me :)

Travis Smith



Mike and his team developed www.iraqimarshlands.org for the project I manage and did a fantastic job! We have received many compliments on the design, functionality and aesthetics of our site. This was also my first time developing a website and Mike was excellent at working with me to ensure I understood the process and necessary steps.

Patrick Richmond



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